Blood Bowl 2 PS4 PKG

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Blood Bowl 2 PS4 PKG

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Description Blood Bowl 2, the adaptation of the famous Games Workshop board game, combines Warhammer and football in an explosive mix of turn-based strategy, humor and brutality.

The new graphics engine and faithful implementation make the game as furious and intense as classic Blood Bowl games. Supported by witty commentators Jim & Bob in a new solo campaign, lead the famous star team Reikland Reavers to new fame. Every game is unique, and unexpected events keep creating new variations!

The single and multiplayer modes offer more than ever. In continuous online mode against other players (or offline against the AI) set up your own team of eight warhammer races - humans, orcs, dwarves, skaven, high elves, dark elves, chaos and the new Bretons - collect XP and unlock new skills. Organize free custom championships online and trade players to build your dream team!

Blood Bowl 2 PS4 PKG INFO
Firmware: 4.05 - 4.55
Language: English, French
Text: German, Russian, English, French, Spanish
Size: 2.67GB
Format: pkg
Link : Download
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