The Princess Guide PS4 PKG

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The Princess Guide PS4 PKG

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Description Choose among four princesses on their quest to forging a world of their dreams. Will you choose to end world hunger with Liliartie, the hungry-but-happy Warrior Princess? Or you may want to help Veronica, the brash-but-talented Witch Princess, achieve world domination? Perhaps unearth family secrets and end poverty with the Rose Princess, Monomaria? Or spread words of peace and faith across the world with Alpana, the Dragon Princess?
The Princess Guide PS4 PKG INFO
Release Year: 3/26/2019
Genre: Action
Publisher: NIS America Inc.
Format: PKG
ID= CUSA14384 (USA) By Seanp2500
Language: English
Required firmware: Compatible 6.72
Size: 1.11 GB
Links : 1FICHIER


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