Death end re;Quest 2 PS4 PKG + UPDATE + FIX/BACKPORT [5.05]

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Death end re;Quest 2 PS4 PKG + UPDATE + FIX/BACKPORT [5.05]

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Description A girl in escape of her past comes to the mountain town of Le Choara, searching for her long-lost sister. Little does she know the town is home to buried secrets, dark creatures that prowl the night streets, and a sinister sacrificial sequence.

Can she fight the darkness, or will the darkness consume her?

– Explore Le Choara during the day through the lens of a visual novel. By night, slay grotesque creatures in turn-based battles.

– Indestructible Shadow Matter will randomly show up in dungeons and in battle. Run away or face imminent death!

– The Knockback system is back and stronger than ever! Ricochet your enemies off walls and combo attacks amongst your party!

– The Overkill system allow characters to stack damage beyond the HP of an enemy! The more damage inflicted, the higher the rewards.
Death end re;Quest 2 PS4 PKG + UPDATE + FIX/BACKPORT [5.05] INFO
Release Year:8/25/2020
Genre: Role Playing Games ,RPG
Publisher: Idea Factory International
Format: PKG
ID= CUSA19163 (USA) By DUPLEX, Backport by OPOISSO893
Language: English, Japanese
Required firmware: Compatible 7.02
Size: 8.81 GB
Links : 1FICHIER

UPDATE v1.01
UPDATE v1.01 (FIX/BACKPORT [5.05])
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