Hellpoint PS4 PKG + FIX/BACKPORT 6.72/5.05

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Hellpoint PS4 PKG + FIX/BACKPORT 6.72/5.05

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Description Hellpoint is a dark and challenging action RPG set in a heavily atmospheric sci-fi universe where the line between science and occult is blurred.
Once a glorious pinnacle of human achievement, the Irid Novo station is now devastated, completely overrun by evil interdimensional entities and dominated by the will of malevolent Cosmic Gods.
You are a creation of the cryptic Author, crafted and sent to investigate Irid Novo in an attempt to figure out the unholy series of events that led to the strange incident known as The Merge.
Hellpoint PS4 PKG + FIX/BACKPORT 6.72/5.05 INFO
Release Year: 7/30/2020
Genre: Action, Role Playing Games
Publisher: tinyBuild GAMES
Format: PKG
ID= CUSA17801 (Europe) By Opoisso893
Language: Chinese (Simplified), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish
Required firmware: Compatible 7.02
Size: 1.7 GB
Links : 1FICHIER
FIX/BACKPORT 6.72/5.05

FIX/BACKPORT 6.72/5.05

FIX/BACKPORT 6.72/5.05
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