Battle Islands PS4 PKG

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Battle Islands PS4 PKG

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Description Battle Islands is a video game action, strategy and war game developed by DR Studios and released by 505Games in December 2013 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. In 1942, your squad landed in the South Pacific and was attacked by enemy forces. In the game you must stand against the enemy and defend your headquarters. In this game you have to control the land, air and sea, create a garrison of the best people and fight against your friends. In the Battle of the islands, controlling all the soldiers and weapons of war, including aircraft, tanks, boats and ... is your responsibility. The game is made with very high graphics and a fully 3D environment with unparalleled sound and an awesome gameplay that can entertain you for hours. The game is online and you can play with your friends wherever they are and destroy their squads and bases.
Battle Islands PS4 PKG INFO
Editor / Developer : DR Studios | 505 Games
Release: 14 February 2017
Genre : Action | Strategy
Mode : Solo Play | Multi online
Type: PKG
Region: America
GameID: CUSA01059
Size: 0.2 GB
Link : Download Links:

Size: 260 MB
Download Links:

Region: Europe
GameID: CUSA01084

Size: 259 MB
Download Links:

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