PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate PS4 PKG

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PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate PS4 PKG

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Description Pixel Junk Shooter is a shooting and shooting video game developed by Q-Games Ltd in collaboration with Double Eleven and released by Double Eleven in June 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 platforms. The gaming environment is designed in two-dimensional fashion and is visually appealing. In the game you have to control a small fighter and target different enemies and destroy them. With the advances in the game and earn points, you can buy various weapons and facilities and install on your fighter. The game has more than 150 stages and includes a host of challenges, obstacles and enemies that will entertain you for hours. In the game, you have to blast huge gems, break big ice blocks, blow up flammable gases, and even use them with elements such as corrosive acids and magnetic oils to destroy enemies.
PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate PS4 PKG INFO
Publisher / Developer : Sony | Double Eleven
Release: June 04, 2014
Genre : Shoot'em Up
Mode : Solo Play
Type: PKG
Region: Europe
GameID: CUSA00510
Size: 463 MB
Link : Download Links:

Size: 324 MB
Download Links:

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