Pix the Cat PS4 PKG

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Pix the Cat PS4 PKG

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Description Pix the Cat is an adventure-style video game developed by Pastagames and released by Focus Home Interactive in October 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. In the game you play as a cat called Pix and you play a variety of stages. At each stage of the game you have to break the eggs, row the dummies, and place them in the desired place and finish the steps. The gameplay is similar to the two memorable games Snake has had on the mobile platform, and the beautiful Pacman game that was one of the most entertaining games in the 70's. There are over 70 different stages in the game with varying degrees of difficulty that will entertain you for hours. The game can be single-player or double-player and four-player, each with its own style.
Pix the Cat PS4 PKG INFO
Editor / Developer : Pastagames
Release: October 08, 2014
Genre : Other
Maximum number of players: up to 4 players in Arena mode
Type: PKG
Region: Europe
GameID: CUSA01122
Size: 518 MB
Link : Download Links:

Size: 78 MB
Download Links:

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