Heroes of The Monkey Tavern PS4 PKG + UPDATE

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Heroes of The Monkey Tavern PS4 PKG + UPDATE

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Description After countless days and nights celebrating within the infamous Monkey Tavern, our team of adventurers have spent every last penny… Their fates, however are about to change…

Like a gift from the gods, in walks a mysterious stranger who points them towards a high tower full of invaluable treasures .

It doesn’t take much more to rouse their thirst for adventure.

You will enjoy exploring a dungeon full of riddles, dangerous enemies and vicious traps.
And if luck favours…you will discover secret passages sheltering legendary weapons and armours.

Key Features :
– Dungeon exploration in grid-base movement
– 8 classes
– 3 difficulty levels
– 2 hours of intense music
– Static real time fights
– 22 different enemies, including 6 bosses
– Numerous traps and secrets
– More than 100 unique items
Heroes of The Monkey Tavern PS4 PKG + UPDATE INFO
Release Year : 2017
Genre : RPG
Publisher: Monkey Stories
Format : PKG
ID= CUSA07717 (USA) by Opoisso893
Required firmware : Compatible 5.05
Size: 742 MB
Links : 1FICHIER
UPDATE v1.01

UPDATE v1.01

UPDATE v1.01
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