RyujiNX might have trouble down the road.

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RyujiNX might have trouble down the road.

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Hello everyone.

There has been some great porgress on the switch emulation so far. One big contender has been RyujiNX. This emulator has gone all the way to rendering 3d graphics and being able to play what I think is a one peace game. Now I am very happy of how far it has come and I cannot wait for it to grow, but there is a huge issue soon to be. The issue not as of now but could be is the big N. Right now the big N has taken down two rom sites and effected a popular one to decide to pull all of there roms down and never have them again. Now they did not stop there, oh no, The even had Github pull a open source GBA emulator down as well. With what seems to be big N's ( Insert popular fighting game, it has there mascot in it, hint hint ) hammer on almost anything to do with retro gameing what could be next in there sights is RyujiNX. Now RyujiNX in itself is nothing bad, actually it shows how teamwork and a little codeing know how, cool things can get done. With that said it could also be there downfall to no fault of there own. They have put a big target on there back that could be exploited like what the switch has been and all of that great progress could be gone forever. Yes with it being open source someone could forked it over and continue, but they too would be at the end of the hammer.The people behind RyujiNX emulator have made a milestone so far, being the first emulator that I know of to be able to run a current gen system, But this first place might be their last place. Please tell me what you think about this? Do you think RyujiNX is fine, or do you think it might be gone?*

*Now this is just an opinion peice that I have wrote up, RyujiNX is fine as of know, I had thought about for a while and with everything thats been going on, Its a good qusten to ask the public. Again this is just my opinion. :-)
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