HELP>> The Game Card Could Not Be Read!?!?

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HELP>> The Game Card Could Not Be Read!?!?

Post by Ascroft85 »

Hi everyone and anyone willing to read my post,
I recently updated to sxos 1.5 and now when I go to install "some" XCI files on my Switch I get this message;

"The game card could not be read.
Please remove and reinsert it.
If this message appears repeatedly, it may be that the game card or the console is malfunctioning.
Visit the Nintendo Support Website for more information."

I have reformatted my SD card numerous times and retried the process.
The weird thing that it doesn't do it with all of my XCI files...

Note: all of these games worked perfectly on sxos 1.4.
If anyone could shed some light or offer any advice id appreciate it, im sure its something really straight forward!
Thank in advance.
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Re: HELP>> The Game Card Could Not Be Read!?!?

Post by Hugnkiss »

Hello Ascroft85, From what I have found there are three reasons why your getting that message. SD Card controller doesn't communicate with the switch, the files added are fragmented / corrupted, Or you have a fake sd card. Now, With you stating that things work great in sxos 1.4 the would rule out a fake sd card, and the SD card Controller issue. I belive that some how that your xci files have been corrupted some how/ poorly dumped. The only way to tell would be if you get new files and try those out. Sometimes that works. Now if that does not work and it keeps giving you the same message, then durning the SX OS update something went wrong and its messed up. To fix that you would have to give your switch a fresh install of SX OS. But trying new files would be the first thing I would do because doing a fresh install is always the last plain. I hope the info I have found works for you. Feel free to post any more qustens that you my have also. I have also included a link that I got some of my info from that could help you out more if you get more errors. ... ad.507977/

Hope it helps and Good Luck :-)
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