Multiplayer Game Recommendations

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Multiplayer Game Recommendations

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I don't enjoy multiplayer games at all. I like playing solo, but don't know what's wrong with me. For the past couple of weeks, I've been craving something to play with others. Maybe it's due to being sheltered indoors all the time. I can't think of any game I want to play though, and since I'm not familiar with new games, I thought I'd ask.

To help get good recommendations-- I usually love survival horror games, I like strategy, and adventure. I'm not a fan of games like Call of Duty, Destiny, Fortnite, Halo, .etc. at all. I'm also 39 so I would like to at least play with a community around my age instead of kids and join clubs of brotherhood or whatever kids do these days. The less toxic the environment the better.

Multiplayer games that I tried and didn't really like-- Monster Hunter (I didn't like how repetitive it is, and the character movement was clunky), FFXIV (didn't get sucked into the story and found the side missions tedious).

Someone told me about Phasmophobia and it sounded really interesting to me, but I couldn't handle the head bobbing, and it made me super motion sick since it's in FP perspective.

Would you be so kind as to suggest a few games I can try out. Any console would be fine. Thanks in advance.
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