Xbox Series X vs PS5

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Xbox Series X vs PS5

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Before xbox and sony fan bois debate which is better, let me state some facts without bias, so that those who are going to buy any one of them can make a good decision based on their needs.


Next-gen controller, ngl. Once you try it then you would question reality.

Better IPs but again certain people would say that it all depends on the gamer's perspective. Fine, so be it. But one thing PS definitely wins is that they have at least released more than one PS5 exclusives while Xbox series X exclusives are still "Coming up" even though they boast that 25 games are going to be released. What's the point in the number if they can't even release 1 after the launch of the console?

Way better I/O (Literally no loading time or screens/ Uninterrupted gameplay)

PSN subscription. Might be expensive for youngsters but they do pack a good deal of games and other services.


Best performance offered in console gaming and native 4K. Has got higher teraflops too than PS5. 4k 120hz can be a treat plus 1440p support is a winner which PS5, unfortunately, doesn't support yet.

Gamepass, way better than PSN subscription since its very cheap. This is a great winning point for the console since most without much budget would rather use a gamepass to play a lot of their favourite games at such a low cost.

Backward compatibility, better than what PS offers. Xbox series x can completely cover all their previous generations. That might be a big bonus for loyal console gamers.

Quick resume, ALLM, VRR are some good additional features on Xbox and they surely improve the gaming experience.
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