Looking for a new main game on pc

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Looking for a new main game on pc

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I think my last main game that I played was Osu! but I stopped playing as it was starting to hurt my hand. Yeah I know it’s a rhythim game but it’s really intense.

I've played my fair share of Rainbow six siege and CSGO but have found myself not having as much fun as I did a few years ago.

I want something I can spend a lot of time playing without it getting old or boring. But of course at the moment I’m learning dwarf fortress and at first it’s really hard but after the fact I made a trade depot and brewing drinks from plants and start to like dig downwards just to mining. This is like my new lfavorite game right next to ss13. Also been dabbing in turn based tatical cause I really like King Arthur knights tale.

I'm not opposed to any genre of video game besides horror (im a baby when it comes to anything scary. Unless if it has like a no scary mode like in soma then yes I’ll play it) but would prefer something multiplayer, whether that's mmo, co-op, gacha games, turn based tatical like King Arthur knights tale, something like dwarf fortress even though I feel like dwarf fortress has everything what other survival games don’t have but doesn't matter.
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Thanks in advance!
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