[PS4] Launching the 4.05 hack from the PC is now possible

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[PS4] Launching the 4.05 hack from the PC is now possible

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The developer LightningMods has, in the night, retweeted a pageweb created by Det_Liliruca, a web page that will allow those who do not have a PC to start the payload PS4HEN on PS4 using a page from the web browser of your PS4 console you can also automate the data injection process on firmware 4.05.


We see it here, we get closer to the operation of HENkaku on the PlayStation Vita under firmware 3.60 (the solution before ENSO).

To take advantage of this is very simple, just go here with the browser of your console.

He plans to set up a page for the game dump, which will develop even more quickly the library of games compatible with the firmware 4.05.


Again, to all those who want to know how to use the hack or how to launch PKG, wait a few days, the processes will be greatly simplified, just wait, it's been more than 4 years and half that we all expect this .


Another equally interesting web page has been put online by Xvortex, which is the vector of great improvements in recent days.

Small advice, if you try the payload experience by this mode of launch, it is advisable to block the IP updates in your box to avoid taking updates.

The advantage of going through the PC is to be able to protect the console locally by avoiding to connect it physically to the Internet, to see by blocking the Sony IP with Charles Proxy.

Again, it is urgent to wait, do not rush, the solutions will still improve, including the integration of FTP or to facilitate the dump of games.
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