[PS4] Theme Editor is available in beta

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[PS4] Theme Editor is available in beta

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One of the many things possible with a PS4 4.05 is the installation of custom themes. A few of them circulated in the form of pkg, and today, the developer yyoossk has released the beta version of PS4 Theme Editor, which, as its name suggests, is a tool to help you create the your. The tool is currently in Japanese, but quite easy to use.

1) Download PS4 Theme Editor

2) Unzip and install the editor, then open it

3) You must load an existing theme to use as a base. The developer provides a theme here

4) Click "Load" in the main menu (if it appears in Japanese on your computer, this is the second link in the screenshot below)


The theme settings can be changed in the right pane. The images inside the theme can be edited / replaced in your favorite image editor (they are in the texture subfolder of the theme)


You can save your work by clicking on the last option (保存) in the first menu.

DOWNLOAD : PS4 Theme Editor
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