Video game debate questions

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Video game debate questions

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I need some help. I'm a co-host for a video game podcast (East Coast Games if you're interested), and we have a pretty cool topic for the next show. It's pretty much a smorgasbord of fun debate style questions.

Examples- who would win in a fight? Master Chief with the blades of chaos OR Commander Shepard with the Buster Sword?

-Who would win in a fight: MGS3 Snake or Splinter Cell Conviction Sam Fisher?

-Delta Squad vs Noble Team.

-Is the portal weapon the ultimate video game weapon for human vs human?

Which universe would serve as a better "Destiny style game" Marvel or Star Wars? VidMate Mobdro

It doesn't necessarily have to be VS questions, just anything video game related that can spark debate.

Throw some ideas out there!
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