pkgRipper - So PS4 repacking is now a thing.

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pkgRipper - So PS4 repacking is now a thing.

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You know how some update files are ridiculously big, yet don't seem to add content to the game? Well as it turns out, much of that really is unnecessary wasted space, and now we have the ability to fix this with pkgRipper.

pkgRipper Github - Youtube Tutorial

Has anyone tried this tool? I've been at it for a few days now. Some results:

Guardians of the Galaxy, from 70 gigs to 50
Chorus, from 50 gigs to 25
Baldo, from 1.3 gigs to 740 mB.
Demon Slayer, from 45 gigs to 24 gigs

And thats space saved for both my PS4 hdd and my archives.

Some things to note; while you can strip unnecessary game files like foreign languages, really this only helps games with large updates of the base files. In the process you rip the files out of the base, but also must "re-marry" the update to the new base, so both files require repacking. This can take hours for large games. SSD is strongly recommended. Results vary and some games with large updates are not affected (NBA2k22, for example, has a 49 gig update file, but pkgRipper only saves about 12 gigs). Out of 130 titles I've gone through so far, 40 needed processing, 90 did not.

The results are significant but doing this all myself is grinding af. I've got another 220 games to go through and figure this will take many hours of my time. We need scene repackers (like fitgirl) to come clean this mess up. In the meantime, if anyone wants to share this effort and has means to do so (like an ftp) I'd be happy to share what I've got so far.
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