Needing help for general Upscaling.

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Needing help for general Upscaling.

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Hello, sorry if it's already been asked around, but couldn't find an answer after some days of research.

I recently FINALLY finished goal of collecting all my childhood consoles, (ps1, psOne, ps2, OGXbox, xbox360, wii and gamecube)

But i have an issue with upscaling on my modern 4k tv. It looks "blurry" and "spread" would be the closest word.

I checked around the internet and all i found were people talking about upscaling Nes' Megadrives and other old consoles, or Modding more recent ones, like mine to upscale them.

But can't quite find an answer to my question. vshare
Would those upscaler (retrotink or ossc for example) be able to handle composite(red white yellow cables) input from a OGxbox or wii as well? I kinda need a one for all solution here, Thanks in advance to whoever takes time to answer!
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