Current Popular Emulators

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Current Popular Emulators

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Hello everyone. I understand that most of the users on here know about emulators and what they are. But maybe some of you would like to know what are the current popular ones. So this list will cover them for you. Now it will not cover every system ever made because that would take a lot of time for me to put together and I would like to do other things in my free time lol. But this list will cover the most talked about ones. Now here they are

Gamecube/Wii : The emulator that can play both of them without any major issue as of now is Dolphin. Dolphin emulator got its name from the code name the big N gave the gamecube. It can play almost every Gamecube game out there ( some games have exceptions) and handels them better then what the OG gamecube could. Beside just gamecube games it also handels wii games pretty well also, you can even use the og controller from the wii on Dolphin also. What is cool though depending on your computer and how powerful it is, You can even play the games in 4k if you like. To read more on the Dolphin click here

Wii U: The Main active one that has growened very fast is Cemu. Cemu is a Wii U emulator that can play a lot of the wii u games that have played well so far. The game that is most popular for it is BOTW. That game has help Cemu to get where it is. Cemu is like the dolphin though in that you need to have a prety powerful computer to run it on. It can also be tricky to set it up as well. It can run games in full HD all the way to 4K as well. But again it comes down to your computer's hardware. To read more on Cemu click here

3ds: For the 3ds Citra is the one a lot of people use. It is still being worked on so it cannot play everygame that has been made so far,but it has showened a lot of progress so far. When one sets it up right and can get it running you can set it to 4k UHD also. To read more on Citra click here

PS3: RPCS3 is the emulator that can run ps3 games. It is the emulator that a lot of people were shocked to find out could run PS3 games due to the cell microprocessors the PS3 used. It has growened a lot, but it still has a along ways to go. It can play some PS3 games but not all of them. It is also the first emulator to have native 4k resulation ingame as defult. Which again shcoked people. To read more about the RPCS3 click here

Xbox: The Xbox One system is the only emulator that can play X360 and OG Xbox games well. There is no computer emulator that is considered stabled enought to play xbox games as of now. So if you want to play them a person has to buy a Xbox One system.

I hope that you have enjoied reading my list. I thought it would be cool to have a generial run down on the different Emulators. Have a great week everyone :-)
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Re: Current Popular Emulators

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