How to install multipart ISO?

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How to install multipart ISO?

Post by Animetic »

Edit: Just realized I posted this in the wrong area, my apologies.

Please note, I haven't actually received my SX Pro yet, so I'm unaware if this has worked or not, that's why I'm here posting haha.

Hi, I'm confused as to how I properly download and install the ISO to my SD card if it's in multiple files.

For example with Super Mario Odyssey, I've already extracted 3 parts into 1 file named Super Mario Odyssey.


In my Super Mario Odyssey file I extracted all 24 parts from the original 3 and was given a .xci file.
(The .xci file is missing from this image because I've already moved it to my sd card.)


The picture below is my sd card with the final .xci file I received. (bbb-h-aaaca.xci)


Have I done this correctly??
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Re: How to install multipart ISO?

Post by jritz »

I'm not sure I understand, so I will go through the steps. Skip anything you already understand or read through it anyway to confirm what you did was right, I guess.

To properly download and retrieve the rom (.xci) of games, you need to download ALL parts before doing any extraction.

You should never extract without all archive parts present because what you receive instead is some corrupted jargon.

So First, A game may be hosted on multiple sites. Choose one site you prefer and download all of that site's links. Say a game has 10 "MediaFire" links you need to download from. Download from each link and store them in the same location on your computer!

Next, Install 7zip OR WinRAR.

Then, Return to folder with your downloaded archives.

Right-click the archive ending with "part1.rar" and select "Extract Here" from the drop-down menu. WinRAR program will now extract the game for you.


You will now have a complete .xci file.


Good luck.
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