nintendo switch game updates

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nintendo switch game updates

Post by lazo1969 »

hi when i download games that are either xci or nsp formats and theres a update to the game do i always after just need to download only just the latest update to that game?
sorry just kinda confused to this so if i have a xci or a nsp file thats the base game i don't ever need to redownload the base game i just only always need to download the latest update file to that game
then just install the latest update file if it asks for a newer update?
thanks for the help
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Re: nintendo switch game updates

Post by Hugnkiss »

From what I have read so far you will have to look up how to install update to your xci or nsp game, and then find said update. I had read a post that you still risk getting bannded if you connect to the big N network. I hope that answers your post.
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