Princess Maker Go!Go! Princess NSP

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Princess Maker Go!Go! Princess NSP

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Description The elements of the Princess Maker series remain intact!
The state of capacity is increasing through many events, training / training and part time jobs in the field!
Rival (e), study, part-time work and love ....
The eight tumultuous years will begin on the game!

Only dice know fate!
Uzu and Cube the Navigator will be there to help your daughter.
Roll a dice and go on an adventure with the friend who will decide the fate of your daughter!

Desperate competition to take a step closer to the prince!
Over 100 different events await you on the way.
There will also be an inevitable confrontation to have a happy future!

Support for playing with up to 4 players, Go Princess Maker! Go! Princess
Who will become a princess?
Princess Maker Go!Go! Princess NSP INFO
Publisher: CFK Co., Ltd.
Region: USA
Languages: English, Japanese, Korean
Size: 483 MB
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