Pinstripe Switch NSP

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Pinstripe Switch NSP

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Description Pinstripe is an emotionally charged adventure through Hell created entirely by a one-man team over the course of five years. Play as Teddy, an estranged ex-minister forced to venture through the frozen afterlife in search of his three-year-old daughter Bo, and her perverse kidnapper. Discover the dark secrets of Teddy’s past, and confront his sleazy, demonic nemesis, Mr. Pinstripe. Thomas Brush, the creator of award-winning indie games Coma and Skinny, reveals a gorgeous art style, breathtaking score, and chilling story with influences from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Alice in Wonderland.
Pinstripe Switch NSP INFO
Release Year: October 25, 2018
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer, Action
Developer: Atmos Games
Publisher: Serenity Forge
Format: NSP
Language: Japanese ,French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, English
Required firmware: 9.1.0
Size: 1.16 GB

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Re: Pinstripe Switch NSP

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Wonderful. Thanks a bunch!
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