Aery – A Journey Beyond Time Switch NSP

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Aery – A Journey Beyond Time Switch NSP

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Description In Aery – A Journey Beyond Time you are in the role of a flying god-like creature which observes the world and their inhabitants while they grow and evolve.

You can quite literally fly through history and the different stages of human development, follow an interesting story through time, and enjoy the speed of flying at the same time.

This story-driven game is non-violent so that you can enjoy the intuitive and relaxing gameplay in 12 different stages of the development of our earth.

Aery – A Journey Beyond Time Switch NSP INFO
Release Year: February 25, 2021
Genre: Adventure, Simulation, Arcade
Developer: EpiXR Games
Publisher: EpiXR
Format: NSP
ID= 0100DF8014056000
Language: British English, American English
Required firmware: 11.0.1
Size: 3 GB
Links : GDRIVE


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