DARQ Complete Edition Switch NSP + UPDATE

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DARQ Complete Edition Switch NSP + UPDATE

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Description DARQ will take you on a journey through Lloyd’s dreams that quickly turn into a loop of nightmares. The boy’s main priority is to wake up, but unfortunately, each attempt sinks him deeper into his lucid subconscious-driven dreams. Lloyd has to adapt to the new world, re-learn gravity, strain all of his senses and mind in order to solve puzzles and sneak past the creatures guarding the corners of DARQ.

DARQ Complete Editionincludes:
DARQ – Original Game.
The Tower DLC – Lloyd wakes up in his dreams again only to find
himself in a Tower filled with many new mysteries, puzzles, and
creepy creatures.
The Crypt DLC – Another loop of nightmares continues introducing
new mechanics and puzzles in a crypt filled with dark surprises.

DARQ Complete Edition Switch NSP + UPDATE INFO
Release Year: March 18, 2021
Genre: Action, Platformer, Strategy, Puzzle
Developer: Unfold Games
Publisher: Feardemic
Format: NSP
ID= 0100440012FFA000
Language: Japanese, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Korean
Required firmware: 11.0.1
Size: 4.67 GB
Links : 1FICHIER
UPDATE v1.0.1

UPDATE v1.0.1

UPDATE v1.0.1

UPDATE v1.0.1
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