Instant Sports Winter Games Switch NSP + UPDATE

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Instant Sports Winter Games Switch NSP + UPDATE

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Description Take your suit, your skis and ski poles, on the way to the snowy roads. With INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games, you’ll be offered an avalanche of extremes and amusing sports to play, as well as vacations you will never forget
Play 7 winter games, including Snowboard, Ice skating, Bobsleigh and way more!
Enjoy your favourite winter activities in breathtaking landscapes!
Up to 4 friends to share a sporty time in the snow: Snowballs fights, curling… You got all-in-hands to have fun in INSTANT SPORTS Winter Games!
Collect hundreds of items to personalize your character and be the real star of this Winter

Instant Sports Winter Games Switch NSP + UPDATE INFO
Release Year: November 03, 2021
Genre: Sports, Party
Developer: Plug In Digital
Publisher: Plug In Digital
Format: NSP
ID= 0100833014F3A000
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Required firmware: Base=12.1.0 / UPD=13.0.0
Size: 716 MB
Links : 1FICHIER
UPDATE v1.0.3

UPDATE v1.0.3

UPDATE v1.0.3
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