Maximillion Fortress Switch NSP

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Maximillion Fortress Switch NSP

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Description One of the two hostile kingdoms kidnaps the princess of the other kingdom and imprisons her in Maximillion’s castle.
Our knight sets out to save the princess he fell in love with from the enemies and win her love and the praise of the king.
Complete the levels and collect points by passing the enemies and obstacles.
You can unlock new characters with the points you collect.
Each chapter has its own unique challenge.
As you complete the sections, you can move on to the new section.
In order to unlock the characters, you must complete all the levels and save the princess in the last chapter.
Maximillion Fortress Switch NSP INFO
Release Year: May 12, 2022
Genre: Action, Adventure
Publisher & Developer: Weakfish Studio
Format: NSP
ID= 010009F01820A000
Language: American English
Required firmware: 14.1.1
Size: 344.2MB
Links : 1FICHIER


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