Goetia 2 Switch NSP [Eshop]

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Goetia 2 Switch NSP [Eshop]

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Description Two lovers, Daphné and Luca, decided on a short break in Venice, Italy. Shortly after arriving at the apartment they rented, they are suddenly pulled apart, tricked by a demon called Buer. Awaken as a pure soul in a twisted world he doesn’t understand, Luca is trapped in the reality of a demon with ulterior motives. Without body, pockets; or inventory. He will have to find his way back to Daphné and his own human form, solving puzzles and using whatever he can to get back to his life: notes, books, spirits he will encounter, decor, and even Buer’s (partial) information. Goetia 2 Switch NSP [Eshop] INFO
Release Year : May 19, 2022
Genre : Adventure, Point-and-Click
Publisher & Developer : Sushee, Forever Entertainment
Format : NSP
ID= 010067F017FF6000
Language : French, American English
Required firmware : 13.2.1
Size: 888.9MB
Links : 1FICHIER


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